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Solely Fictional

Recent Entries

2/2/06 02:23 pm - minervasolo

Updated and spiffified SecretGeek. One day I may even experiement with a layout not based on iframes, who knows?

1/6/06 05:25 pm - almighty_frog

Updated Pharmakon with a new layout and several new fics and recs. I haven't quite finished getting the other and links page up, but the main site itself is working again. And converted into html just in time for Windows to release a patch for the php security problem. >.<

8/14/05 08:55 pm - almighty_frog

Updated Pharmakon with new fics and recs. Took me long enough. >.>

7/4/05 07:47 am - almighty_frog

Before I forget (again), I've given away one of my sites. The Schuldig & Yohji fanlisting is now run by mykaa at http://white-cross.org/guiltysins/. I've yet to update Pharmakon with the new info, but I should hopefully get around to that in the next couple of days. ^_^

6/19/05 03:01 pm - almighty_frog - Pharmakon update

Pharmakon has been updated with a brand new layout, a bunch of new recs, and nineteen new fics. Yup, nineteen. This means there's new sections in the fics area for Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist and Gravitation. The misc page also has a new section for Yami no Matsuei fics.

And now . . . I sleep. ::snores::

5/11/05 09:42 pm - minervasolo

SecretGeek has been renovated and updated, with the addition of an icons page, and a projects page (for no real reason, I guess, except as somewhere to chat about Freefall and Greenhelm on). There's a possibility things like Wallpapers will be added too, and probably a good comprehensive links page, too. I'll also track the updates of the other sites on there.

4/13/05 10:29 am - minervasolo

Updated Femme de la Lune with new chapters for both Dolor Draconum and Caffiene & Saccharine (both of which have been up on FFN for ages now) and a DCU fic 'Back to the Future'. I know it's all stuff found elsewhere, but hopefully there'll be some more regular updates coming up. Moved all the DCU and Marvel stuff together under heading of Comics, though I've noticed that I've forgotten to change the 'fandom' blurb to reflect this.

Have I really not updated since November? Oops.

4/9/05 10:26 pm - almighty_frog - Site update!

Updated Pharmakon with that Naruto fic I did ages ago (Not Heaven), and all the recs that I've done since the last update. Stigmata, the Stigma fanlisting, has been temporarily moved onto solelyfictional.org, too.

I'm actually using this updates livejournal. Are you amazed? I am. O.o

4/3/05 11:00 pm - almighty_frog - Main site update!

Lookie wot I did! Solelyfictional.org, up with a shiny new layout. Not, unfortunately, the layout I wanted to make - but pretty nonetheless. minervasolo, let me know if there's anything you want me to change or add or alter, particularly on the description of SecretGeek.

3/1/05 09:42 pm - minervasolo

Updated Like It Or Not (an Authority fansite) with three fics. Hopefully these will soon be followed with updated character info, more fanart and some fics by flying_anteater.
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